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Jordan's Elvis World


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Welcome To ENN - About Andrei Cagnea





I was born on 12 April 74, so 29 years old, in
Romania, Europe.

First time I saw him was on a video tape at 10 years
old, Spinout movie. From that point, cause Elvis sang
with a "band", my memory stopped on his simple way of
sing but with very beautiful sounds. My grandmother
said to me those times: " he is the biggest ever
singer in the world, and he's dead ". He's dead? My
heart was broke for a foolish thing, how could I hear
or see him again?
From those moments, all my tries are for see and
listen to him.
With only some poor information from my neighbor, I
found he played on a few movies and sang over 20 year,
and best news ever was, he sang on tour shows.
My first 5,6 years was very bad on collecting way of
Elvis' materials, only some lps, audio tapes and a few
video tapes. Those weren't enough, all time I was
looking for new songs, in time I found Jerry Hopkins
book with the best info about his artistic carrier.
I remember very clear how so far I was those times.
At my 14 years age, a girl friend of my uncle, told me
about his father, 65 years old, he was a true Elvis'
fan. From that point I realized what I am, an Elvis'
fan, but very poor. I met that man (Mircea named)with
broken heart, and for the first time I found the
really great information about Elvis' materials,
bootleg materials.
I listen some great moments from unreleased shows,
Reconsider baby from Command Performances, same NY
show with that known for me Madison Square Garden
official released RCA. I was broke, my great source
told me about almost all he has those times, and he
let me see from a 16mm film a capture of some 76 songs
from shows, without sound. Broke again.
My relation with him was interrupt for his so far home
distance reason , Timisoara, me in Bucharest, and not
for last, my young age. Perhaps he couldn't believe
about me I'll became a real fan too, like him. He died
a few months after and all his materials disappeared. I
tried for a few dates but no chance, I was too young
to ask by my own for his materials.
From those early years as a fan till now, I tried to
find everything means audio or video moments with
Till late in 90 years, my collection were still poor,
only great info about all officials released and great
info about bootlegs, on Elvis From A To Z, book.
Almost all Elvis' movies and over 60 audio tapes,
almost nothing compare with these great days, only
these materials till 98, when I finally found the true
way to Elvis' materials, Internet sources. Some great
sites till those days, to ftps, servers, trade way
with another
I have some great friends from Elvis' fans here in
Romania, but only 2,3 with my passion for all witch
means Elvis.
For almost 5 years I obtained some hundreds bad
quality bootlegs, only from sites. All officials, and
a few very rare for me, original bootlegs, were on my
collection, but still not enough.
My hardest chapter of Elvis were video materials.
This was the true reason I decided to make some trades
with another fans. This is the simple way to find and
have what exist on this earth with Elvis.
Now I have a good collection even if I know so well,
not all I want, but something to offer and give for
all who wants these greats moments with Elvis.
I might receive almost all bootleg albums for best
quality, and this was possible only by net sources,
great fans or simple traders, no matter how or from
who, I still have a lot to find till I can say, I did
it My Way.
I like all relationship with fans like me, and all my
life will be a continuous fight for rediscover Elvis.
I still have that strange feeling, Elvis make me feel
that I still have to find another moment from his life
and especially from his entertainer carrier.
My next steps will be to make another fans or simple
amateurs feel this great passion. I like to thank to
all my new friends, from all world, and I'll be happy
to became a friend for those who loves Elvis.
Without our help, it is very hard for those who a
wants to find and have such great moments, Elvis.
For the good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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