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Welcome To ENN - About Daniel Persson





My name is Daniel Persson and I live an a small town Called Nödinge, Sweden!


I'm 27 years old, and have been an Elvis fan since I was around 12.


My main collection back then was of course LPs and Singles, but at that time I had no interest what so ever collecting items of Elvis, all i collected back then was Newspaper clips and posters. And believe me, I had to stand many hard words from my class mates and other friends around me, that I had to be crazy to listen to a dead person!


But luckily I didn't pay much attention to their words, I kept buying records of Elvis, and suddenly I ran across these more interesting items called Bootlegs, and when I at first collected that, I was kind of sad when I discovered that so many had so poor sound to them, of course this was still when the CD was new, and there wasn't many released on Cds.


Then after a few years, when computer started to come into my life with the internet, I discovered so much more info on Elvis on the internet.. And I started my own website back in Feb 1997. Not long after that, I ran across Jordan's site.. I from that moment I stayed in touch with him...

Both as an friend to talk Elvis to, and trading bootlegs and so on!


Well this is a little about my self, and hopefully I will bring you alot of "news" from Sweden as they are aired here...

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