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My name is Kelly Hensley and I am 21 years old (22 on January 6, 2004). I listen to mostly all of the classic singers from the 50s to 70s. I don't listen to hard rock, rap, etc. My favorite TV show is the classic "Happy Days" and the character "The Fonz" is my favorite. I have been a Elvis fan for a long time. When I first listen to him was his music of the 50s that got me liking Elvis and he became my favorite singer. People at the schools I went to start calling me Elvis because I slick my hair back. These early Elvis is timeless. Elvis had guts for being one of the first white singer (maybe the first) to jiggle on stage while performing songs. My era of Elvis is his performances from 1969 to 1977 because of the jumpsuits (I also like the jumpsuit of the 68 TV special). My favorite jumpsuit is the one he wore during the Aloha from Hawaii performance since I love America and my favorite animal is the eagle. When I see his CBS Special of 1977, I really don't like to see him like the way he was on that special but sometime that what fame does to you.  Well that is all I have to say about me so I will let you go and Elvis will never truly die as long all his fans keep him alive in their hearts by playing his music and watching him on TV.




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