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Welcome To ENN - About Rich Wilson



Rich Wilson
Age: 42
Apalachin, N.Y., USA

I first became an Elvis fan around the age of 14. Although I was aware of Elvis Presley, I really was not "into" his music or the man. One afternoon, the song "Return To Sender" was playing on the radio and for whatever reason, it knocked me over like a freight train from Memphis! Wow! I could not get that song, or voice out of my head! I suddenly found myself buying every album I could find. I was addicted to Elvis movies. It was a serious addiction that has had control over me ever since. I even started to
wonder if I was sick. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I was indeed sick. I had the Rockin Pneumonia that was brought on through complications of Elvis Presley. I can't get over it,
nor do I wish to. I'm proud to be an Elvis fan and never ashamed to admit it no matter where I am.

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