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Welcome To ENN - About Donna



Hi Elvis fans! My name is Donna…..I consider myself “ageless” and I live in Los Angeles, CA. 


I’d describe myself as a “Heart & Soul” kind of Elvis fan (although the word “fan” doesn’t quite work for me…it’s much, much deeper than that). He is my LIGHT!  I am completely in awe of him, his stunning beauty, his talent, his goodness, his spirit. What is Elvis to me? In one word – LIFE! He represents everything I hold dear, everything I consider to be of value….He inspires me to be a better person in all ways. He heals my life with his songs. His full, rich, smooth Southern voice is like medicine for my soul. It heals what ails me everytime, brings me peace and I feel cleansed. He always lifts me up and makes me so grateful for all of my blessings. I absolutely and completely adore him! I can’t do enough, in his memory, to thank him for all he has brought to my life…but I’ll sure try!


Love to each and everyone of you everywhere!!
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