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I became an ardent fan after seeing Elvis in GI Blues in 1960. 
I was 9 years old then  and was glued to Radio Malaya most of the time listening endlessly to Wooden Heart &   It's Now or Never.
In August 1967, I started the first & only Elvis Presley Fan Club of Malaysia .
Last year August 2002 - BMG Malaysia honored me & the Fan Club for being the longest serving, loyal Elvis Fan Club in Asia, 35 years & still going strong.
They issued a Special Edition CD specially for the fans attending our August 4th 2002 Elvis 25th Anniversary Special Memorial Convention. As an ardent Elvis fan, I've been to Graceland many times since the early 80s. I've met and had an hour special meeting with Elvis legendary manager Colonel Tom Parker in 1984. Tom Diskin was the one who really remember our Elvis Fan Club. Sadly, these 2 great men are no longer with us. Over the years visiting Memphis.  
I've got to met people like Sam Philips, Vester Presley, Richard Davis, DJ Fontana, Charlie Hodge, Joan Deary, Mark James, Carl Perkins, Ricky Nelson and many more nice Elvis people. 
As an Elvis fan / Collector - my Elvis Collection has been featured in many Newspapers & music magazines all over Asia. I have over 3,000 Elvis Presley Vinyl Records and more than 4,000 Elvis CDs, not to mention the mega amount of Elvis Memorabilia, Elvis personal items / autographs, scarfs etc etc..
My love for Elvis is Never Ending - even though today I am an ordained Evangelist and travels all over Asia singing & preaching about the GOD who Elvis loved dearly- Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.  In my free time, I am an exclusive correspondent for the Holland Website For Elvis CD Fans Only , and now It is a great honor to also be a Correspondent for Jordan's new Elvis News Network as well. I hope I will be able to bring you all the interesting News-Reports  from Asia  & rare & interesting Elvis CDs / Memorabilia  etc that are from the Far East.  If I've made you happy, I've done my job.



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