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Jordan's Elvis World

Jordan's Elvis World


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Welcome To ENN - About Jordan Ritchie


Jordan Recieving The Illustrious "Elvis World Fan Of The Year Award" with Bill Burk From "Elvis World"

Jordan And Bill Burk From "Elvis World" Magazine. Receiving "Elvis World Fan Of The Year" Award. (Aug 2003)


For all those that don't know me, My name is Jordan Ritchie and I am the webmaster of Jordan's Elvis World,,,, and finally I am also the President of the Universally Elvis Fan Club - Memphis.


Alot of people ask me how did you become an Elvis fan?

Was it my parent's influence?? Nope! 


I was four years old -- the year 1986 -- I had just heard "Jailhouse Rock" on the Jukebox at a local restaurant down in my old hangout -Florida... I then begged my parents to give me some change so I could play some more songs from this "Elvis Guy".. My parents were not fans at the time, but they gave in and I must have repeated "Jailhouse Rock" over and over.. Until we had to leave. 


That Christmas my parents bought me an Elvis tape of my own "Elvis Gold Records Volume 1".. Since then I've collected everything I could get my hands on. Thus, in turn my mother became a BIG Elvis fan.. My father on the other hand just barely tolerates, in his terms, the "Elvis Disease". 


The idea for Jordan's Elvis world was born in 1996 when I visited the only Elvis websites out there -- Elvis world-Japan, and For Elvis Cd Collectors... This made me decide to start a website of my own  -- since I knew a little about computers :).... My site has gone thru many changes since it's conception almost 8 years ago.. And I sincerely hope you enjoy this website. I definitely can say without a doubt that this website has created alot of "Adventures" in my life, otherwise not obtainable. One of the most important things to me is meeting and talking to all the fans from around the world. Looks like I got off track there a little bit... Back to the story :)


We (my parents and I) had visited Memphis numerous times starting in 1995, and we fell in love with the city, the people, and their southern hospitality which is non-existent in Florida (at least where I was from). In June of 1999 we made the decision to move from Florida to Memphis. 


This is when I came up with the idea to Run a Memphis based Elvis Fan Club.. After all it's the epicenter of all things Elvis! That's when "Universally Elvis Fan Club - Memphis" was born.


One of our main charities we support is the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center here in Memphis. This facility is the only Level I Trauma center in the Memphis area and it relies heavily on donations.


I hope this page gave you a better insight about me and I hope you enjoy all the websites :) ....


-Jordan Ritchie

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