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Jordan's Elvis World

Jordan's Elvis World


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Welcome To ENN - About Rod Martinez



Full Name: Rod Martinez

Birth date: 9/8/74 in San José, Costa Rica


Home address: Guadalupe, Montelimar

Studies: Currently in last semester to get my major in economics


How I became an Elvis fan?

My mom is a huge Elvis fan since she was 18 ( now 50 ), so she bought a lot of ¨LP¨acetates, my uncle also gave her LP´s any time he traveled to USA ( he was then living in New York from 1971 to 1973 )and guess what, he was at the Garden when Elvis performed there ( he got some pictures ).When I was 18, I discovered all acetates and pictures ( at the time, the ¨cool stuff were Rick Astley,NKOTB, Milli Vanilli, etc ) and I begin to listen them, being the 70´s LP my favorites, my curiosity began to grow, not only on ¨unreleased¨ tracks, but now video. With the internet explosion, I discovered a new word: ¨bootleg CD¨. Now, I knew that RCA was keeping a lot of concerts under key, and the bootlegs introduce me to a brand new world of Elvis recordings. I began to download songs, videos, pictures, anything about Elvis Presley until today. Our current inventory is about  40 LP, 50 Cd's and some video footage.

I want to collaborate with photos, newspapers clips and everything that appears in Costa Rica media, as well  reviews of CD from this zone.

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