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Jordan's Elvis World


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Welcome To ENN - About Ronda Marson




Name: Ronda Marson


I have been an Elvis fan for as long as I can remember,
and was only three years old in 1977 when Elvis passed

I grew up in Ontario, Canada in a home that was always
alive with music! The music that I am most passionate
about besides Elvis is: Country and Rockabilly.

Elvis has brought me so much joy & happiness through
his music, learning about him and the person he was,
and through the many close friendships I have made in
the "Elvis World". In July 2002 one of those very
friendships caused the start of the Love For Elvis Fan
Club which is run by myself and Co-President Valerie
Keen (my "soul sister").

I am thrilled to be able to collaborate articles for
this fabulous website that will honor the memory of a
loving, thoughtful, intelligent, charismatic man that
the world knew as Elvis Presley.

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