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Welcome To ENN - About Sharath Chandran





 Hi Folks .

My name is Sharath and I am 16 years old and I reside in India. Its really a pleasure for me to be a part of this fantastic ENN team. Here's how I became a fan of the King........Well, I had seen Elvis on TCM (mind you, at first sight I was stunned by his looks) in what I think was It Happened At The World's Fair (I was only 12 at that time) but after that I never really had any deep intention of finding out who the King was. Then one day sometime during 2001 I strolled into a Mexican food joint. As i gazed around I saw pictures of Mexican bandits etc etc..then finally I came to a picture which had a picture of a man dancing with a guitar. On a closer scrutiny I realized it was none other than Elvis. A couple of my buddies briefed me about him not a long brief but something from their G. Knowledge). I cant really explain how but that night I sat on the net and read through some 30-40 pages on the King. The next day my friend brought this Rhythm & Country album which made me go bonkers. There was something that I liked about the man and his unbeatable voice. All of you might be wondering what a chap like me remember i am 16) who should be after Limp Bizkit etc etc should have anything with Elvis. Well here's the answer...I was inextricably pulled to the music of Elvis. In short I loved it. Refused to listen and admire anybody but him. Elvis friends like our friend Jordan helped my interest grow by supplying the necessary incentives for its growth. Anyway I am glad that I am an Elvis fan. At least this makes me unique from my crazy friends(oops.. sorry fellas)who are after these insane crooners. Well I guess that's about it and as I said before lets all join together to make ENN "THE BEST"

                                 Yours Sincerely,

                                                        Sharath Chandran

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